3 February 2015

Ramblings, answers and floral musings…

Here you’ll find ramblings, answers to questions I’ve been asked, flower of the day and other floral musings.

Someone asked me – Why a flower shop? Here’s why: It was always going to happen.

While I was on a placement as part of my training at a local florist a million years ago, I first knew that I wanted to have my own flower shop. My background and degree is in textile design so flowers and plants have always been a huge inspiration. I’ve picked them, drawn them and painted them.

I spent long summers in Greece and always had bunches of what was growing wild, fresh and dried, in jugs around the house or hanging from the beams.

I loved being in the shop but my circumstances changed and I had to leave.

The wind blew me around a bit and after spells in retail, training, a year travelling and launching my own jewellery line, I found myself back in a busy flower shop. It was like finding my long-lost friend. When a small shop became available I knew that it had to be mine and in the Autumn of 2014, Flowers at 180 opened its doors.

Classically modern, rich and uncumbered by rules – that’s what we love. Free-flowing bunches, fabulous foliage and big branches.

Plants are big in the shop – There’s a houseplant revival going on and I’m keen to get young people and guys hooked with terrariums and fun planting. I‘m a plant pusher.

I have a green-fingered mother (who had a green-fingered mother) who is mad about flowers and gardening so there’s always something going on in the garden and my stepfather can regularly be seen taking beautiful photographs of beautiful blooms.

I’m asked what’s my favourite flower – It’s as difficult as choosing my favourite song and changes as regularly. They’re all on shuffle and I’m often surprised. That’s why I love my job.

  • I hope you’ve enjoyed this first blog post. Call back again to see more musings and ramblings…